Clean beauty products are so important to me. I briefly mentioned on my deodorant review that I have been working on cleaning up my entire personal care regimen for years now. I’ve been a faithful user of the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic database SkinDeep to check out the rating of any product before I use it. I still remember who introduced me to it; her name was Josie and it was back in about 2005-2006. She was way ahead of me in her awareness of potential hazards in the everyday products we use. We haven’t kept in touch, but I hope she knows that she was instrumental in sparking off my quest for a cleaner lifestyle.

This year I met Beautycounter. A dietitian I know, Annie, was posting about it on her social media and I just never took the time to really explore what the brand is or what they value….until now. 

My Why…

Not only are they from California (hey home state!) but they’re also a women-led brand and certified B corporation (win!). Being a certified B corporation means that they take the planet, people, and profits into account when making business decisions. Not sure what a B corporation is? This can answer any questions and explain why it’s kind of a big deal.

Did you know that in the EU more than 1,300 chemical ingredients are banned for use in cosmetics? In the US only 30 ingredients that are banned. At Beautycounter, they have 1,800 ingredients that they ban from use in their products. The last major law passed in the US to regulate beauty ingredients was passed in 1938. Let that sink in for a moment.

I can only speak for myself, but I definitely don’t like the idea that I live in a country that is so behind with regulating ingredients allowed in the everyday things I use. Products that I put on my body and leave there for hours, like mascara, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, everything. I’ve tried many clean beauty brands, but the products have almost always left me wanting more. And that’s where Beautycounter has become a game changer for me.

Not only are they an integral advocate for the clean beauty movement, but their products are legit. The Flawless in Five set is so quick and easy that I don’t mind putting makeup on each morning. And I love how natural I look. Their skincare is no different- there’s something for every type of skin and every type of person. Not into a big regimen? Counterstart is a good way to get used to using a cleanser and moisturizer every day. 

Learn More

There’s products for the whole family, including children and men. If you’re interested to learn more, take some time to browse their products and read about their mission.  All of their products are leaping bunny certified and cruelty free, but they aren’t all vegan.

I’m a consultant for Beautycounter, so any purchase you make through my link will sign you up as one of my customers. I would love to help you choose the products that would work best for you and create a regimen that you feel good about using. Prefer to shop on your own? That works, too!

I truly love these products and hope that you do, too. But if you don’t, you can return any unused product to Beautycounter. 

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