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Halo Mask Cyber Monday

By now I’m sure you all have a mask that you like. But do you love it? This post today is simply to share my favorite mask on the market, the Halo Mask. This mask is adjustable, conforms well to your face and just below your chin, and has a replaceable filter you change every 200 hours of wear. This mask also hasn’t given me the dreaded maskne (mask-acne) which I’ve definitely had happen with other brands.

My husband and I both have these masks in the darker and lighter colors. The Halo Mask quickly replaced our other cloth masks and is easily our only go-to whenever leaving our house. They’re having an amazing special for Cyber Monday, where you can buy one and get one free! These masks can be a bit pricey so today would be a great day to place an order and try it out for half the price!

See for yourself- Check out their products.